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From The Governor's Office:

Updated: Jun 26

Governor Murphy Announces Filing of Landmark Inland Flood Protection Rule

June 6, 2023 |

Photo Credit: Mary Iuvone | For NJ Advance Media (on

Governor Phil Murphy today (6/6) announced the Administration’s upcoming adoption of the landmark Inland Flood Protection Rule to better protect New Jersey’s communities from worsening riverine flooding and stormwater runoff. The rulemaking has been filed with the Office of Administrative Law and will become effective upon publication in the New Jersey Register next month. A courtesy copy of the rule and additional information are available here.

The Inland Flood Protection Rule updates New Jersey’s existing flood hazard and stormwater regulations by replacing outdated precipitation estimates with modern data that account for observed and projected increases in rainfall. These changes will help reduce flooding from stormwater runoff and increase the resiliency of new developments located in flood-prone inland areas. Upon adoption, New Jersey will become the first state to use predictive precipitation modeling to implement rules to inform and protect future development and redevelopment from the impacts of climate change.

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