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NJ SEED in the Statehouse

Take advantage of this opportunity to add the weight of NJ SEED in support of your issue(s). Email your organization’s issues that align with NJ SEED to ASAP.


Since November, NJ SEED has been at the Statehouse providing positions and public testimony. The addition of Assistant Executive Director Ryan Berger to our team ensures that NJ SEED will be maintaining a regular State House presence at committees and session through the remainder of the lame duck session and in the new 2022-2023 legislature.


This is an exciting time to be part of NJ SEED as we move forward toward 2022 with a new energy and sharpened focus.



NJ SEED’s long-standing reputation of ably representing the mutual interests and views of its labor and business members has earned it the respect of legislatures and administrations.
Having New Jersey’s foremost labor and business organization share a broad-based interest on balance with a clean environment acting in support of a member’s position at a Senate or Assembly hearing is a powerful tool in the legislative process.


NJ SEED supports or opposes only issues that are consistent with the mission or long-standing policy of our coalition. Under the direction and vetting of the NJ SEED Executive Committee and Policy Chairs, NJ SEED members may, indeed are encouraged to, request NJ SEED support for their positions in testimony before the legislature. Additionally, NJ SEED is able to respond to requests to provide appropriate support during rule making, as well at the federal level and also the municipal level.
Much of NJ SEED’s focus has, over the years, been on infrastructure issues such as transportation, energy, telecommunications, water and they advance economic development on balance with a clean environment. Today’s concentration on these and related issues will likely generate government actions to impact New Jersey. 


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