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From The Governor's Office:

Governor Murphy Submits Letter to the Traffic Mobility Review Board to Ensure Fair Treatment of New Jerseyans Entering Manhattan’s Central Business District

August 17, 2023 |

Credit: Gov. Phil Murphy (Edwin J. Torres/ Governor's Office)

Governor Phil Murphy today (8/17) submitted a letter to the Traffic Mobility Review Board outlining recommendations the Board must take to ensure the fair treatmenof New Jerseyans entering Manhattan’s Central Business District (CBD).

The Governor urged the Board to enact the following changes to the current congestion pricing proposal:

(1) All commuters who cross into Manhattan through the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels, or across the George Washington Bridge, should be provided full credits without caps for crossing tolls;

(2) All commuter buses should be exempted from CBD tolls;

(3) CBD tolls should not be collected during off-peak hours;

(4) Any CBD tolls should reflect the extent to which a vehicle actually contributes to congestion by remaining and operating within the CBD; and

(5) All low-income commuters should receive credits for CBD tolls.

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