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NJ SEED Announces New Partnerships to Advance Members Advocacy in 2022

NJ SEED is pleased to announce two new strategic partners to advance member advocacy in 2022.  In 2022, NJ SEED will be holding joint legislative action, policy summits and meetings with the Drinking Water Coalition of New Jersey and the New Jersey Group.  To find out more, please read the brief statements below.

New Jersey Group


The New Jersey Group is a well-established organization of New Jersey based organizations and businesses who have Washington DC offices/operations. 


The New Jersey Group hosts meetings local to Washington DC to network and meet with the members and staff of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation for small group “inside the beltway” discussions and happenings.


In recent years NJ SEED and the New Jersey Group have successfully hosted joint events in Washington DC and this year NJ SEED seeks to expand the relationship.   This unique relationship will allow members of NJ SEED to meet with New Jersey’s Senatorial and Congressional delegation in-district at the NJ SEED Congressional Roundtables and in Washington DC by teaming up with the New Jersey Group. 


Joint meetings in 2022 will be announced via the NJ SEED News From Trenton and all NJ SEED members are invited to participate.

Drinking Water Coalition of New Jersey


The Drinking Water Coalition of New Jersey (DWCNJ) is a group of municipally-owned water utilities and authorities that have come together to educate policy leaders on the needs and services provided by its publicly owned water purveyors and the rate and tax payers they service. The DWCNJ is an active member in the clean drinking water community along with partners like the American Water Works Association and Association of Environmental Authorities.


The coalition recognizes that there is an information gap between for-profit water providers and publicly held water purveyors and the DWCNJ actively works to provide policy leaders this critical information while advancing clean drinking water policies in support of all water utilities.


With the promise of billions in Federal funding and an active NJ Legislature and Administration in the area of clean water production, members of NJ SEED will benefit greatly by this relationship as clean water production will create millions of dollars in capital investment along with high paying construction and science jobs.

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