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Woodbridge Delivery Company Shifts to Sending Aid to Ukraine

Updated: Jun 27

March 17, 2022 |

Following the start of the invasion, a Woodbridge-based freight company that specializes in shipping to Eastern Europe saw its business dry up. But Meest-America quickly shifted gears and began shipping humanitarian aid, including food and medical supplies from New Jersey to Ukraine. Over the past two weeks, Meest-America has packed and delivered 750,000 pounds of aid — things like food, clothing and medicine. Natalia Brandafi, Meest-America’s COO, said, “Most of our customers also have friends and families in Ukraine. We felt this overwhelming demand to ship humanitarian aid from our customers, Ukrainian-American organizations, and now, even American organizations.”

NJ SEED: Reflecting America’s entrepreneurial spirit, Meest-America has shifted gears to use its ships to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid to Ukrainians under vicious attack by Russia.

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