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With Menendez Under Indictment, What’s Going to Happen to His Senate Seat?

September 22, 2023 |

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The ensuing legal proceedings to determine Menendez’s guilt or innocence could, of course, take years to resolve, with a trial probably not coming anytime soon. But New Jersey Democrats face a much more immediate problem: what the hell is going to happen to Menendez’s Senate seat, which comes before voters next year?

Much of that rests on Menendez himself – whether he steps aside or chooses to forge ahead with his re-election bid, as a statement he released this morning (9/22) implies he may do.

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NJ SEED: A common practice of New Jersey politicians announcing intentions to go for a perceived vacancy is alive and well for the 2025 US Senate seat currently held by Senator Bob Menendez. Based on the indictment and evidence released to the public, Sen. Menendez appears to be mortally wounded. With the indictment coming just a year before his seat is up for election, the flood gates have opened for hopefuls of both parties.

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