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Will NJ Electric Vehicle Owners Be Asked to Pay Equivalent of Gas Tax?

December 18, 2023 |

Credit:  Sabine Kroschel from Pixabay


It’s a key question as reauthorization of state Transportation Trust Fund is due next year 


Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration wants to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered cars in response to concerns about emissions and climate change, while New Jersey still relies heavily on taxes on motor fuels to fund major transportation-infrastructure investments.  

How the state government balances these two important transportation policies is among the key questions for Murphy and lawmakers as work is expected to begin in earnest on a reauthorization of New Jersey’s multibillion-dollar Transportation Trust Fund in the new year.

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NJ SEED: Electric vehicles travel the same roads as gasoline powered vehicles. It seems logical that the owners of EVs should contribute their fair share to the Transportation Trust Fund by means of an equivalent to the gas tax.

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