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Who Will Control New Jersey’s Ports Now That The State Has withdrawn From Waterfront Commission?

August 14, 2023 |

Credit: | GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.

A little known but powerful public agency created 70 years ago to root out organized crime on the New York Harbor docks officially closed shop last month.

The demise of the bi-state Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor comes after a five-year legal battle between Trenton and Albany about which state would control policing of port businesses that have been perennially plagued by criminal rackets and mob intimidation.

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NJ SEED: With over 80% of all cargo moving through the New York Harbor passing through terminals located in New Jersey, it would seem obvious who should police those ports. A special unit created in the NJ State Police is in place to assume responsibility for law enforcement on the Jersey side of the Hudson. NJ SEED agrees with the statement of NJ AG Platkin that, “There is no agency more up to the task than the dedicated members of the New Jersey State Police.”

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