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What Happened to Rule That Was Going to Protect NJ Against Next Big Storm?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

July 27, 2022 |

Whatever happened to plans for a rare emergency rule that would raise inland flood zones by 2 feet in an effort to protect homes and businesses from the next big storm?

The Department of Environmental Protection floated the idea to business and environmental groups in late May, and planned to adopt the rule in mid-June. But more than two months after its unveiling, the measure has vanished from public view amid speculation about whether the Murphy administration still plans to publish it, whether it will do so in a modified form, or whether it has just been scrapped.

NJ SEED: Sea levels along the US east coast continue to rise as a result of post glacial isostatic rebound (you can look it up), and instances of flooding will increase even from minor storms. The public is NOT “in imminent peril from the climate crisis”. It is in long term peril from glacial rebound to the extent of about 3 mm per year rise in sea levels. There is nothing humans can do to stop the rebound, but programs can be developed to mitigate the impacts on homes and businesses.

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