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What did NJ get from Biden infrastructure bill?

Updated: Jun 26

November 17, 2022 |

New Jersey stands to receive more than $4.8 billion so far from the federal infrastructure bill President Joe Biden signed into law a year ago, with the lion’s share earmarked for road and bridge repairs.

On the anniversary of the bipartisan bill’s signing, the Biden administration released details this week about the funds allocated so far by program and project. Nationwide, more than $186 billion has been set aside for states and territories so far, with more expected to be distributed in coming years. States’ allocations to date roughly match their populations, though not exactly. California is both the most populous state and is set to get the most in aid — $16.2 billion. New Jersey ranks 11th in population and ninth in infrastructure funding.

NJ SEED: NJ has gotten nothing to date but the promise of nearly five billion dollars coming from the federal government sometime in the foreseeable future is welcome news. Three- fourths of the funds are dedicated to roads, bridges, and other transportation needs. There is also money set aside for water projects. Every one of these areas are in critical need of attention and the federal funds can't start flowing soon enough. It will mean important work done in the public interest while providing many good jobs.

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