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Towns Welcome ‘Guidance’ on Handling Warehouse Boom

Updated: Jun 26

September 12, 2022 |

Towns in New Jersey have been under pressure, not only from warehouse developers but also from some of their own residents who don’t want neighborhoods industrialized by the giant buildings, and from advocates for a regional approach to planning for the industry.

Now, local officials have guidelines that are designed to help them make better decisions on whether or how to allow warehouses to be built, but they won’t be subject to regulations from state officials.

NJ SEED: Be careful what you wish for.” For decades NJ citizens have been told to avoid “smokestack industries” in favor of “clean” industry. By comparison the warehouse industry is certainly cleaner, but perhaps there is too much of a good thing. The state has issued guidelines to assist municipalities in weighing the pros and cons of permitting warehouse expansion within their borders. Without resorting to force, the guidelines protect the tradition of home rule and will hopefully be a beneficial resource.

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