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Toll Hike By Any Other Name Is Still Toll Hike

Updated: Jun 26

Statement by Tom Bracken, President N.J. Chamber of Commerce

September 14, 2022 |

Tom Bracken - CEO and president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

New Jersey businesses and residents are currently coping with the severest inflation in a generation — especially in gas and energy prices — and, now, we have the Metropolitan Transportation Authority proposing what it euphemistically calls a “congestion pricing plan” — what is actually a toll increase on New Jersey drivers heading into New York City.

Make no mistake, this proposed MTA toll hike is aimed directly at the wallets of New Jersey’s businesses and commuters.

NJ SEED: Ill-conceived and ill-timed are indeed appropriate names for another New York City money grab. As suggested in this space previously, perhaps New Jersey should begin an aggressive effort to attract businesses to desert NY City and relocate to the more welcoming (and safer) climate of the Garden State.

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