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The World Cup and New Jersey | Chat Box

February 9, 2024 |

Credit: Image by kalhh from Pixabay

With this week’s news of the World Cup final coming to MetLife Stadium in 2026, David Cruz looks at how this could impact New Jersey. While the news was met with great enthusiasm, it also raised questions about whether the roads, infrastructure and NJ Transit are ready for the rush of soccer fans expected from around the world. 

With the games’ estimated $2 billion economic impact, New Jersey businesses could see a windfall. Tom Bracken, president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, discusses the potential.

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NJ SEED: A great win for New Jersey. Hosting the World Cup finals will bring thousands of visitors and as much as a $2 billion impact on the economy. NJ Chamber of Commerce President Tom Bracken is hopeful the event will be an opportunity for a public/private partnership to showcase the Garden State.

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