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Stormwater Management: Who Pays For It?

Updated: Jun 20

April 10, 2023 |

Photo Credit: Jim Gade (From Unsplash)

Like many other New Jersey municipalities, Willingboro in Burlington County is now considering measures that would make it more resilient to the next big downpour. They include adding so-called green infrastructure like rain gardens that allow rain to soak naturally into the ground rather than becoming toxic runoff; reducing the area of impervious pavement that generates flooding; and cutting back invasive species of plants that blocked drains and worsened flooding during the 2018 storm.

But deploying those initiatives comes down to money, and that’s the biggest quandary for countless New Jersey municipalities. They know how to combat the stormwater flooding that has become all too frequent. Who or what will pay for those solutions is far less certain.

NJ SEED: Creative solutions are needed to address changes in storm patterns. Like most issues, solutions require a substantial commitment of funds. Finding the resources to address community infrastructure requirements will need to be balanced with the desire to expand entitlements. Political courage to set priorities is essential.

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