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Stomping Grounds: ’23 Issues, Bail Reform, Bear Hunts, and Romney’s call to pass the torch

September 15, 2023 |

New Jerseyans aren’t always civil, but it’s still possible for a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican to have a rational and pleasant conversation about politics in the state. Dan Bryan is a former senior advisor to Gov. Phil Murphy and is now the owner of his own public affairs firm, and Alex Wilkes is an attorney and former executive director of America Rising PAC who advises Republican candidates in New Jersey and across the nation. Dan and Alex are both experienced strategists who are currently in the room where high-level decisions are made. They will get together weekly with New Jersey Globe editor David Wildstein to discuss politics and issues.

Read More: Click Here NJ SEED: As campaigns for the legislature move into full-court-press, issues take center stage. A couple of fresh faces but well placed sources offer their perspectives.

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