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State Backs off Plan to Require Expensive Gas-to-Electric Boiler Conversions

Updated: Jun 26

December 9, 2022 |

Photo Credit: Azam Ishaq (From Pixabay)

Under pressure from some lawmakers facing re-election next year, New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn LaTourette has dropped a controversial plan to force more than 1,500 schools across to spend tens of millions to convert their boilers from gas to electric as a result of the state’s new Energy Master Plan.

A coalition of nearly three dozen business and labor groups joined together to oppose the plan, arguing that in addition to a cost of around $2 million per school, the regulation would result in higher property taxes and electric bills that would cost about 4-5 times more than gas.

NJ SEED: Is this another example of hidden costs in the Energy Master Plan? The ill-conceived multi-million dollar boiler conversion scheme demonstrates both why the public deserves to knowand why the government does not want the public to know the anticipated costs of the Plan.

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