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Updated: Jun 27

WEST TRENTON - Ron Sabol was elected as President of the New Jersey Society for Environmental, Economic Development (NJ SEED) by the Board of Trustees at the March 2, 2022 Trustee and Membership Meeting.

Mr. Sabol, who started his long career in the transportation industry as a conductor for CSX, is the New Jersey State Legislative Director for SMART Transportation, otherwise known as the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 203,000 members.

“You can count on me to carry the NJ SEED message, your message, in the work that I do and to the people that I meet,” Sabol said. “I believe in NJ SEED and what we will all accomplish together.”

Senator Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, had the honor of swearing in Sabol. Diegnan said that Sabol’s willingness to work simultaneously with the labor and business communities makes him an excellent candidate to succeed outgoing President James Benton. Benton was President through the Pandemic Lock-Down, keeping the coalition intact and worked to assure a succession of leadership to usher NJ SEED into a new era.

“Ron is the quintessence of how to get things done,” Diegnan said noting how Sabol embodies all the qualities of an outstanding leader. “It’s not only about being smart, it’s not only about listening to people, it’s about trust. You could not have a better leader.”

NJ SEED is a coalition of labor and business leaders working to advance public policies that leverages skilled unionized workers, expands the business client and grows New Jersey’s economy on balance with smart environmental action.

Its diverse membership over the past 35 years has included energy providers, environmental consultants, telecommunications firms, residential and commercial development interests, insurance firms, educators, police and firefighters, food manufacturers and retailers, water utilities, chemical industries, pharmaceutical companies, and health care advocates.

NJ SEED is focused during the current legislative session on supporting New Jersey’s elected leaders and policy leaders at all levels of government to ensure federal funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act are directed to the intended communities and projects.

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