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Researchers Are Looking for Answers Amid A Spike in Beached Whales at the Jersey Shore

Updated: Jun 20

January 31, 2023 |

They’re large, graceful, biblical — and represent our “wild side.” That’s why people are fascinated by whales, believes biomedical scientist Joy Reidenberg.

Interest in the creatures has sparked recently, following an increase of washed-ashore whales across the East Coast. Several deceased whales were found in New Jersey.

In a related story:Suspend Offshore Wind Projects After Unexplained Whale Deaths, N.J. Congressman Says.

January 31, 2023 |

Rep. Chris Smith on Tuesday (1/31) added his voice to the chorus of concern over a series of unexplained whale deaths during the last two months, calling for a moratorium on the development of offshore wind.

NJ SEED: Whales are marvelous marine mammals. All species of whales are protected by two federal laws, the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. In light of an unusual number of dead whales washing up on NJ beaches, it would seem imperative that an investigation into what might be causing the increase in dead whales be taken. One can only wonder if the increase in whale deaths were occurring during searches for offshore oil deposits how long it would take the state and federal government to shut down exploration.

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