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Rabner Pushing Back on Bid to Directly Appoint Appellate Judges

May 10, 2024 |

Credit: NJ Globe | NJ Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

A proposal to amend the State Constitution to change the state appellate is facing stiff opposition from Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, who is making calls to stakeholders in an attempt to shut down a legislative proposal that would take away his unchecked power to directly appoint appellate court judges, transferring the appointment to the governor, with advise and consent from the State Senate.

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NJ SEED: A proposed NJ Constitutional amendment reportedly being drafted would significantly impact the state’s judicial system. The appellate division has operated smoothly since it was established in the 1947 constitution. It places the power to appoint appellate judges in a single person – the Chief Justice. The alternative to what is reported to be the proposed change would politicize the process by making appellate court appointments a province of the governor with senate approval. Because many issues impacting NJ’s economy wind up before appellate judges, NJ SEED will watch the debate surrounding the proposal if and when it is introduced.

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