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Proposal for ‘Green’ Amendment to NJ Constitution Spurs Intense Debate

March 13, 2024 |

Credit: Image by Daina Krumins from Pixabay

It is a relatively simple proposition likely to spawn wide agreement: Everyone is entitled to a clean and healthy environment. 

But the “green” amendment, a proposed addition to New Jersey’s Constitution, triggered nearly three hours of debate last week when it surfaced again before a legislative committee, six years after last having been voted out of a legislative committee.

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NJ SEED: A proposal approved by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee would amend the state constitution to “enshrine” the right to a clean and healthy environment. It will, in the words of Committee Chair Smith, mean a “big job to convince the legislature that this is the right thing to do.” Or, it might be asked, is this amendment really necessary?

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