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President Biden Announces $292 Million Mega Grant for Hudson Yards Project in New York City

Updated: Jun 20

January 31, 2023 |

This funding will cover construction of the third and final section of the concrete casing intended to preserve future right-of-way for the new Hudson River Tunnel and allow for the continued redevelopment of Hudson Yards. This is a critical piece of the larger Gateway Program, which will modernize this heavily used part of the Northeast Corridor, and a critical step towards creating a new Hudson River tunnel. Superstorm Sandy badly damaged the over century-old North River Tunnels, causing deterioration and leading to more frequent delays due to component failures within the tunnel. Once the new tunnel is built it will allow for work on the North River Tunnel to proceed with fewer service disruptions.

NJ SEED: The pledge of nearly $300 million in a grant for the Hudson Yards Project is a major step toward the realization of the urgently needed new Hudson River Tunnel and completion of the Gateway Project. The costs are so great that the project could not be completed without the assistance of the federal government.

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