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Pothole Problems: NJ is 9th Worst for Potholes in Country, Study Says

Updated: Jun 20

June 2, 2023 |

Photo Credit: Matt Hoffman (on Unsplash)

It’s a common complaint among New Jersey drivers: there are far too many potholes on the road! And studies from AAA and QuoteWizard show that American drivers spend close to $3 billion a year in total, just fixing damage potholes have done to their vehicles.

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NJ SEED: A healthy New Jersey road network is essential to a healthy state economy. The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority’s (TTFA) mission is to finance the cost of "planning, acquisition, engineering, construction, reconstruction, REPAIR, and rehabilitation of the state's transportation system" – including roads. In January the Authority was authorized to refinance bonds at a projected savings of $95.4 million to the Fund. Is it unreasonable to ask why the state should rank among the worst for pothole repair?

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