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Poll: N. J. Voters Don’t Approve of Electric Car Mandate

September 8, 2023 |


A majority of New Jerseyans are wary of Gov. Phil Murphy’s electric vehicles mandate even though they largely approve of his job performance as governor, according to a Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted for Power the Future, a conservative-leaning energy advocacy group.

Murphy’s plan to require all new car, sports utility vehicles, and light truck sales to be at zero emissions by 2035 remains unpopular: just one-third of the state supports it, and 58% oppose it. Voter groups that might have been expected to support the initiative don’t exceed 50%: Democrats, young voters, and even those who like Murphy. Among independents, 33% support Murphy’s car sales regulations, and 58% oppose it.

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NJ SEED: There are many issues that need to be addressed with respect to the relatively infant EV industry including battery safety, distance that can be traveled between charges, availability of recharge facilities, sufficient supply of electricity to meet the growing demand, and safe disposal of batteries containing toxic materials when their useful life is passed. It might be premature to institute EV mandates to be met in little over a decade.

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