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Payne’s Death is a Wake-Up Call to Reform N.J. House Special Elections

April 25, 2024 |

Credit: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

New Jersey’s occasionally absurd Title 19, the statute that governs elections, faces national attention. While some states, like New York, can fill congressional vacancies in ten weeks, it takes New Jersey five months – or more, depending on interpretations of incongruent statutes.

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NJ SEED: Citizens in each of NJ’s 12 Congressional Districts deserve to have continuous representation. While this is important to all in general, it is especially important to NJ’s economic community that the interests of employers and employees are represented by an active voting member of each district. When a vacancy occurs the office should be filled a quickly as possible. The state’s election laws under Title 19 allow from five months up to the next General Election to fill a vacant seat in the House of Representatives. The legislature needs to address this issue. The recent death of Congressman Payne brings timely focus to this matter.

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