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Bottoms Up: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy goes all-in on liquor-license reform | Mulshin

July 9, 2023 |

Photo Credit: AAron Ontiveroz/ The Denver Post

Various potential candidates for president have offered their plans for breaking up the Mexican drug cartels. But Gov. Phil Murphy has set himself a far more difficult task – breaking up the New Jersey liquor cartel.

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NJ SEED: Paul Mulshine’s opinion piece makes a case for overdue liquor-license reform and indicates Governor Murphy’s desire to do so. Mulshine observes that, “People from other states think our ban on selling beer and wine in supermarkets is as strange as our ban on self-serve gas.” The NJ Food Council has for many years tried to win the right for supermarkets to sell beer and wine. Maybe there is hope for progress on both fronts as NJ is now the only state to prohibit self-serve gas.

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