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Op-Ed: How Big is New Jersey’s Budget

By: Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, former New Jersey state treasurer during the Chris Christie Administration, is the owner of ASE Tax Policy and Administration, LLC.

February 1, 2024 |

Credit: Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff

By any measure, $53+ billion is a huge amount of money, but huge in relation to what? For context, let’s undertake a rough comparison to our neighboring state of New York. Sneak preview: the results won’t be dispositive or particularly satisfying, but they will provide some useful insight into the financial and political dynamics of state budget making.

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NJ SEED: An interesting tutorial on how states manipulate data to construct budgets. Sidamon-Eristoff says that, “…. state policymakers have choices in how they present their budgets. ……. (T)hose choices, in turn, have an important impact in framing the debate and assigning political accountability.

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