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No Deal on Offshore Power Grid

Updated: Jun 26

October 27, 2022 |

A state agency held off, at least for now, approving projects aimed at bringing power from offshore wind farms to land, but it did allow for $1 billion to upgrade the existing power grid.

The Board of Public Utilities balked at the more expensive projects needed to begin building what is essentially a backbone transmission system off the coast to deliver power ashore. Instead, it opted to wait until federal financial incentives are available to defray the costs to utility customers.

NJ SEED: It is likely a wise decision to await federal financial support before undertaking what promises to be an expensive but essential part of the project to bring power from offshore windfarms to land for distribution on the grid. It’s going on three years since Governor Murphy announced his Energy Master Plan and the public remains in the dark about the projected costs to ratepayers for its implementation.

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