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NJ Would See Tighter Deadline in New Push for Clean Energy

Updated: Jun 20

February 3, 2023 |

New Jersey would obtain all of its electricity from clean energy by 2035 under a new bill that aims to accelerate the state’s shift away from fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The legislation (S-2978), called the New Jersey Clean Energy Act of 2023, would establish a 100% clean electricity standard to ensure the state relies on clean and emission-free power to meet its electricity needs.

NJ SEED: Achieving the Murphy Administration’s goal of fossil-free energy by 2050 is seen as a hopeful target that is not likely to be realized, but there are still 27 years to reach the objective. Sen. Smith’s proposal to reach a 100% clean energy goal in 12 years is even less likely. There is much in the Smith bill that needs explanation and further study.

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