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NJ Well Below Average for EV Chargers

November 21, 2022 |

Just a decade ago, there were less than 500 chargers nationwide for motorists to recharge their electric vehicles. Nowadays, there are more than 128,000, a number that is poised to grow further with an infusion of $7.5 billion of federal funding to build a national network of charging stations.

But for New Jersey, the growth has been more halting. The state has a goal of electrifying its transportation network by midcentury, yet it ranks only 28th among 50 states with vehicle chargers, according to a new study that suggests it may be an uphill push to achieve the transition to cleaner-running vehicles.

NJ SEED: One more confirmation that grand announcements of ambitious goals is quite different from delivering on those goals. Question: How is the electricity that powers EVs produced? Some think that it is just there whenever needed.

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