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NJ Transit Board Approves Beginning of Process to Ban Passengers Who Assault Employees

Updated: Jun 26

December 14, 2022 |

Photo Credit: Matthew LeJune (on Unsplash)

The board on Wednesday approved NJ Transit's staff to begin the rule-making process for how to suspend unruly and violent passengers.

“When a rider’s conduct impedes or threatens the safe operation of NJ Transit equipment or the transit system, the disruptive rider’s privilege to ride on NJ Transit’s system may be suspended,” the proposed policy said.

NJ SEED: Many residents rely on public transportation to get to and from their jobs. Commuters, as well as transit employees, should not be subject to unruly and disruptive passengers who need to be held accountable for bad behavior. In our coarsening culture, suspending riding privileges is an option but enforcement would be a challenge.

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