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NJ Moves to Cut Fossil Fuels From Homes, Businesses

July 27, 2023 |

Credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images/ on Pixabay

In a specially called meeting, the New Jersey Board of Utilities on Wednesday adopted a framework to begin moving residential and commercial buildings away from using fossil fuels. That’s the second-largest source of climate-change emissions in New Jersey. Primarily, the program involves encouraging owners to voluntarily switch from using fossil fuels for heating and cooling to using electric heat pumps.

The action swiftly drew criticism from business groups and bipartisan opposition from lawmakers, triggering an angry outburst from BPU President Joseph Fiordaliso who lashed out at foes for lying and spreading misinformation about the proposal.

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NJ SEED: Putting NJ on a trajectory to eventually eliminate the use of natural gas (aka clean energy) and all other fossil fuels raises some serious questions. Climate change is real. The earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years. Human activity does impact climate, but not all scientists agree that humans are the major cause. Careful consideration needs to be given to the economic and life changing impacts of public policy decisions relative to climate change.

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