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NJ Joins Legal Battle Over Interstate Pipeline

August 11, 2023 |

Credit: Pixabay, Kein Brennerrost, nur Flamme | User: 11082974

In the state’s latest pipeline battle, the Murphy administration is joining seven other states in legally challenging a decision by a federal agency to approve an interstate natural gas pipeline, arguing the project is not needed.

A coalition of eight attorneys general, including New Jersey’s Matthew Platkin, filed a brief late last week in federal court challenging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s authorization of the Regional Energy Access Expansion project this past January.

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NJ SEED: NJ opponents opposed to reasonable balance of energy sources claim the state has sufficient natural gas (aka clean energy) to last until the end of the decade – a little over six years – not a long time for planning purposes. The “hell bent for leather” pursuit of a fossil-free world may not adequately consider all potential consequences and the best interests of the general public.

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