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NJ GLOBE – Year in Review

Updated: Jun 26

December 2022 |

Welcome to New Jersey, where the much-heralded Red Wave never arrived and where the geography of congressional redistricting turned out to be more impactful than Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

This was my 49th year watching politics in New Jersey, going back to 1973 when I was an extraordinarily young aide to a state senator. Jersey politics is complex, as is often the case, and this year was no different. Throughout the state, it was Election Day in New Jersey fourteen times, frequently with hardly anyone showing up. Frankly, more political insiders were interested in the 2025 gubernatorial campaign than what was on the plate in front of us over the last twelve months.

NJ SEED: For those who may be unfamiliar, the NJ Globe is an independent, professional news site chronicling the world of politics in New Jersey. The Globe’s Year in Review is authored by David Wildstein who many might remember as Wally Edge. The Review is lengthy but is an inciteful, often witty, look back at politics in the Garden State in 2022.

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