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New Jersey Grapples With Soaring Temperatures

July 28, 2023 |

Credit: Extreme Heat Cliparts #2827210

Temperatures across New Jersey topped 90 degrees on Friday, the second day in a wave of hot weather that is expected to officially become a heat wave on Saturday. The temperatures are normal for this time of year, but they’ve come as a something of a shock in what had so far been a mild summer. The blast of heat is just a taste of what other parCreditts of the nation and world have been experiencing, and a glimpse of what is projected to become increasingly normal as the climate changes.

NJ SEED: Cautious, thoughtful deliberation needs to accompany any action that purports to address climate change. For those who can remember beyond yesterday’s headlines, it was not many years ago that we were being warned of global cooling. That had been preceded by fear of global warming. “Climate change” covers both. Every summer there are record breaking heat waves, every winter there are record breaking cold spells and in between there are record breaking storms. We must act sensibly to adjust to the inevitable changes in the earth’s climate. Beware, however, of those who would use climate change to instill fear and panic as a means of gaining more control over your life.

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