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New Jersey Drivers May Have to Learn to Pump Their Own Gas

Updated: Jun 27

March 5, 2022 |

New Jersey is the only state that requires fuel station employees to operate the pumps and prohibits consumers from doing so. Now the industry is pushing to repeal the law amid worker shortages and spiking oil prices.

NJ SEED: For decades NJ has resisted the national trend for self-serve gasoline. It was long a battle between independent gas station owners and stations owned by “Big Oil”. Popular opinion has long opposed self-serve. Out of state drivers, when fueling their vehicles in NJ, may wonder if Garden Staters are not considered to be sufficiently competent to master the challenge of pumping their own gas. With the introduction of A-3105, NJ may be about to once again dip its toe into the turbulent waters of self-serve.

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