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Murphy Welcomes Netflix — and Its Job Potential

November 3, 2023 |

Credit: Photo by Anthony V. Cosentino for Two Rivers Times

Gov. Murphy on Friday (11/3) welcomed Netflix to New Jersey. Netflix is building a $900 million production facility on the site of the former Fort Monmouth Army base.

Read More: Click Here NJ SEED: The acquisition of the abandoned Army installation by Netflix with plans to construct a large production facility promises to bring both short and long term jobs to the area. The Netflix site was formerly Fort Monmouth, Home of the US Army Signal Corps. Dating from 1917, the Army base for the growing Signal Corps grew to a 1,126 acre Fort with satellite facilities such as Coles Laboratory and Camp Evans. Fort Monmouth continued as home base for the US Army Signal Corps until Jimmy Carter influenced its move from NJ to his home state at Fort Gordon Georgia. An interesting read on the history of Fort Monmouth can be found at: Click Here

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