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Murphy addresses opposition to offshore wind energy in New Jersey

Updated: Jun 26

September 29, 2022 |

Gov. Phil Murphy answered questions about New Jersey’s burgeoning offshore wind energy industry during his monthly call-in show with tri-state NPR affiliates Tuesday night.

One caller confronted Murphy over wind turbine projects in Long Beach Island and nearby Shore towns like Atlantic City. Some residents are opposed to wind turbine initiatives, the caller said, because they think the turbines will negatively impact tourism and the fishing industry, and harm marine wildlife.

September 30, 2022: Murphy Administration is committed to supporting the offshore wind energy industry. As with any major policy shift there are winners and losers. The winners somewhere down the line will be the residents of NJ. The losers in the more immediate future are likely to be tourism and related industries, the fishing and clamming industries, along with sea and avian wildlife.

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