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More Volunteers Needed in ‘Forever Chemical’ Study

Updated: Jun 26

September 16, 2022 |

About 400 people have so far signed up for tests to determine links between “forever chemicals” and human illness at Paulsboro in Gloucester County, New Jersey’s only site in a national study, officials said.

Six months after the delayed opening of Paulsboro’s office to manage the local study, 396 people have enrolled, of whom 303 including 23 children have completed testing. But the numbers are still well short of the 1,000 adults and 300 children that officials are hoping for by next May.

NJ SEED: New Jersey is a national leader in setting strict health standards for three chemicals in drinking water that have come to be known as “Forever Chemicals”. It is disappointing that the public response has produced less than 400 volunteers for the study of the impact on individuals. Nearly 900 more are needed at the Pauslboro testing facility before the enrollment period closes next May.

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