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Mark Your Calendars!

Updated: Jun 26

JUST ANNOUNCED - NJ SEED Economic Development Policy Committee Chairman Kate Gibbs is pleased to welcome Assembly Assistant Minority Whip Aura Dunn to provide the Committee a briefing on the Assembly Budget Committee's priorities.

The NJ SEED Economic Development/Water Infrastructure Policy Committee Meeting has been moved to March 1, 1:00 PM, and is now all virtual to better accommodate our speaker.

NJ SEED members will review the attached list of bills and seek other initiatives for a final committee report to the Board of Trustees. The information below will provide you with details on the committees’ focus, chairs and legislative issues. NJ SEED is also looking to expand the legislative watch list, per committee, based on participant ideas and discussions.

NJ SEED Policy Committee meetings are great opportunities for member organizations to steer NJ SEED policy positions and ultimately NJ SEED statehouse and federal action. Participants in these work sessions develop a unique collaboration with fellow members of the coalition that they may not usually encounter at work.

Please sign up for these Policy Meetings at the links below:

Economic Development/Water Infrastructure Committee Meeting

VIRTUAL ONLY: Environment Committee Meeting

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