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Mail-in Ballots Flow as In-Person Voting Begins

Updated: Jun 26

October 28, 2022 |

New Jersey opens another avenue for people to cast ballots Saturday with the start of early machine voting throughout the state. But how many voters plan to go the polls early — or even know that they can — is unclear, as voting rights advocates complain that officials haven’t done enough to alert people about all their voting options.

NJ SEED: General Election season continues in NJ as in-person voting began on Saturday (10/29). The state’s voting season begins up to 6 weeks before Election Day when those requesting mail-in ballots begin receiving and returning them. Election season will continue until 6 days after Election Day so that every vote-by-mail ballot that is postmarked on or before Election Day and is received on or before the sixth day after the close of the polls shall be considered valid. NJ’s efforts to encourage the greatest number of persons the opportunity to vote does not result in the most secure voting process, nor is it the least secure.

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