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Legislative Update: February 8, 2022

Updated: Jun 27

Committees Scheduled to Meet on Monday, February 7, 2022

Assembly Education, Assembly Women and Children, Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities, Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs, Assembly State and Local Government, Assembly Environment and Solid Waste, Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology,

A-1720: Requires cultural diversity and implicit bias training be included in police basic training curriculum. Introduced January 11, referred to Assembly Community Development and Affairs Committee. February 3, favorably reported by Assembly Community Development and Affairs Committee. Next action: Assembly vote, TBA

A-571: General Contractor Licensing Act;’ provides for licensure of general contractors. Introduced January 11, referred to Assembly Regulated Professions Committee.

S-759: Requires DEP to develop and implement electric school bus program; provides for $15 million in first year and $15 million annually in subsequent two years to DEP, subject to availability, to provide grants. February 3, favorably reported by Senate Transportation Committee. Next action, Senate vote, TBA NJ SEED SUPPORTS

A-642: Authorizes the use of steel slag as an aggregate in industrial and commercial development and in the remediation of contaminated sites. Introduced January 11. Scheduled for February 7th consideration by Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee.

A-1438: Increases maximum penalty for certain violations concerning hazard abatement; allocates moneys from increased penalties to asbestos programs. Introduced January 11. Referred to Assembly Environmental and Solid Waste Committee. Scheduled for committee consideration on February 7.

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