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Lawmakers Want Fewer Delays Connecting Solar Systems to Power Grid

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

June 10, 2022 |

Legislators agreed to speed up the process that enables developers to connect renewable energy projects to the regional power grid, an issue threatening to thwart New Jersey’s transition to clean energy.

On Thursday (6/9), the Senate Environment and Energy Committee approved a bill (S-431) by a 4 – 1 vote that is designed to fix a recurring problem affecting solar developers. So many circuits have shut down, particularly in South Jersey, that the grid can no longer accommodate new infusions of power.

NJ SEED: Proof once again that it is easier for politicians to announce worthy goals than it is to implement them. A power grid that is more than a century old clearly needs upgrading to meet the State’s Clean Energy goal by 2050. But at what cost? Ratepayers still do not know the anticipated costs of the Energy Master Plan announced by the governor in January of 2020.

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