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Updated: Jun 20

Governor Murphy Announces Legislative Package to Ensure Fiscal Accountability at Public Institutions of Higher Education

January 19, 2023 |

Governor Phil Murphy today (1/19) joined Senator Joe Cryan, Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, and Secretary of Higher Education Dr. Brian Bridges in announcing a legislative package aimed at ensuring fiscal accountability at public institutions of higher education in New Jersey. The three bills would implement additional fiscal reporting and publication requirements for these institutions to ensure greater oversight and transparency. The bills will also ensure that the board members of these institutions receive ongoing training to ensure that they are equipped to adequately manage the fiscal operations of our public institutions of higher education.

NJ SEED: The state’s higher education institutions receive over $1 billion annually in government support. With that much taxpayer money and constantly rising tuition, it is most appropriate that the administration and legislature establish the means for greater fiscal accountability.

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