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Updated: Jun 26

EPA’s Final Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standard Ends Confusion Regarding Liability for PFAS Properties

January 5, 2023 |

Although many states have been regulating PFAS for years under various regulatory programs, similar efforts by the federal government are more recent. In addition to the Final Rule and the anticipated PFOA and PFOS CERCLA hazardous substance rule, EPA is also in the process of developing a proposed national drinking water regulation for PFOA and PFOS and is also considering regulatory actions to address other PFAS. These changes and others likely to occur in the coming months and years underscore the importance of understanding the various risks associated with PFAS contamination and how to comply with current and forthcoming requirements.

NJ SEED: Amid much legalese and bureaucratic language that lawyers and environmental specialists can best understand, it is significant to note that EPA is finally attending to PFAS drinking water contamination and promises to do more in the future.

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