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Updated: Jun 26

Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Increase Unemployment Insurance System’s Efficiency and Expedite Benefits Payments

November 4, 2022 |

Governor Phil Murphy today (11/4) signed legislation (S2357) which makes certain changes to the administration of the State’s unemployment insurance (“UI”) system to increase the system’s efficiency and expedite timely benefits payments. The Legislature concurred with the Governor’s conditional veto of an earlier version of the legislation, as the Governor had recommended changes necessary to ensure compliance with federal law.

"This law is a response to the processing delays and wait times seen during a critical time of high unemployment during the coronavirus crisis. It will provide much needed relief to claimants by expediting the determination and appeals process and by providing more options for claimants to speak directly with department staff to resolve issues,” said Senator Fred Madden, the Chairman of the Senate Labor Committee. “The unemployment compensation system is meant to help people at a difficult time in their lives and this reform will help the program live up to its purpose.”

NJ SEED: NJ’s employer and worker supported Unemployment Insurance system needs to be constantly reviewed with measurers that improve efficiencies implemented to the benefit of both unemployed workers seeking to return to the workforce and the businesses that employ them.

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