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Updated: Jun 20

Some New Jersey Residents Concerned About Dangers of Freight Trains Carrying Toxic Chemicals Through State

April 25, 2023 |

As we saw when a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, in February, one accident can impact an entire community.

Trains carrying similarly toxic chemicals travel through New Jersey every day, so CBS2's Christine Sloan dug deeper into the risks and the push to prevent another environmental disaster.

NJ SEED: The East Palestine, OH disaster should serve as a wake-up call because so many freight trains travel through NJ. Instilling fear is not the best way to address the issue because panic reactions are frequently not very effective. Although most trains carrying hazardous materials arrive without incident, it is when problems like derailments occur that the results can be devastating. Rail transport of hazardous materials is essential to the economic well-being of all. The federal government has the responsibility to assure that rail carriers follow proper safety procedures with regard to transporting hazardous materials. Along with transporters, the government must be held accountable when failing to do so. Advances in technology should also be employed to aid in assuring safety.

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