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How to Vote in the Upcoming Primary Election

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

May 20, 2022 |

It’s election season again in the Garden State, and this time around congressional candidates are battling at the top of the ticket for the chance to represent their party on the ballot in the midterms this fall.

As in last year’s general election, there are three ways to vote in next month’s primary, being held in person on June 7.

NJ SEED: The purpose of primary elections is for political parties to choose their candidates for the November General Election. NJ’s primary elections are closed in that voters can only vote a ballot for the party in which they are registered. There are those who suggest that primary elections be open so that voters can choose in which party’s primary they want to vote at the time they vote. In an early voting and mail-in ballot system that some critics believe is already too open to fraudulent activity, an open primary would afford additional opportunity for election mischief.

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