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Grand Vision for Liberty State Park Rapidly Gains Ground

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

June 17, 2022 |

A fast-tracked bill focusing on improvements to Liberty State Park won relatively quick approval from a key legislative committee Thursday, but not without some changes that might discourage large-scale commercialization of New Jersey’s most popular park.

The legislation (S-2107) was approved unanimously by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. However, Thursday’s vote failed to address perhaps the biggest concern critics have — ensuring Caven Point, a 30-acre tract of Hudson River waterfront and a migratory bird habitat would be preserved.

NJ SEED: The proposed law would permit utilizing some portion of the 1,200 acre state park to provide facilities that would offer greater opportunity for the public to enjoy this “jewel”. A balanced approach is planned that will set aside 500 acres for nature trails and protection of habitats. Also important is the plan to mitigate flooding and protecting the park from the impacts of sea level rise caused by the subsiding of the mid-Atlantic crust.

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