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Governor Murphy Announces Comprehensive Plan to Combat Auto Theft in New Jersey

Updated: Jun 26

November 7, 2022 |

The Governor announced his support for a series of legislative measures to combat auto theft. Some versions of these measures have already been introduced, and the Governor looks forward to working with legislative leadership and the sponsors to advance these reforms through the legislative process. The Governor proposed:

1. Establishing a persistent auto theft offender statute, which would give state and local prosecutors the option to seek more serious criminal consequences for those who have been repeatedly found guilty of stealing cars. 2. Making possession and distribution of certain auto theft tools a crime. 3. Imposing criminal penalties for the failure to comply with certain guidelines in the sale and purchase of catalytic converters. 4. Investing in enhanced pretrial services, which will reduce the risk from individuals who are awaiting trial. This will include:

1. Pretrial monitoring by law enforcement. 2. Expansion of the use of house arrest paired with location monitoring. 3. Providing additional resources related to substance abuse, mental health, and housing insecurity.

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