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Get Ready to Pay More for Heat - NJ signs off on big jump in natural gas prices

Updated: Jun 26

September 8, 2022 |

The cost of heating a house with natural gas is rising sharply this winter, ranging from $21 a month to as much as $31 per month, depending on which of the state’s four gas utilities supply the fuel.

In unanimously approving the provisional increases that are effective next month, New Jersey Board of Public Utility commissioners blamed global geopolitical events for the spike without mentioning the obvious — the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and its cutoff of most gas supplies to western Europe.

NJ SEED: The author of the article correctly notes the impact the Russian invasion of Ukraine is having on global energy price and accessibility. He fails to mention the fact that the federal government’s decision to return the United States to the status of energy dependency is the greatest single fact contributing to high energy costs throughout the country.

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